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Wheel of the Year Yule Playing Cards by Jocu

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    Yule - The Wheel of the Year Playing Cards series.

    The season of Yule, literally coming from the world wheel in old German, culminates on the Winster Solstice around December 21st and was the grandest celebration of the Anglo-Saxon calendar. Many of its traditions will be familiar as they would later be adopted for modern Christmas.

    Decorated trees, yule logs and mulled wine all have origins in the ancient traditions. So light a fire, pull up an armchair and listen to tales of Woden and the Wild Hunt, how Baldur was tricked and killed with Mistletoe and one of the most curious of Anglo-Saxon gods in Saxneat of which we know only that he was important enough that his worship be explicitly forbidden in old church texts.

    Designed by Jocu Playing Cards and Evgenia Zhade