Transformations and penetrations

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Cardboard Chameleons (Gimmicks and Online Instruct...


Cards visually change colors right in front of your spectators with DARYL'S Cardboard Chameleons!This routine is a masterpiece! This was the feature routine in which Daryl earned the Gold Medal at F.I..

Julio Montoro



What you can see in the video is the clearest switch device ever created. Introducing the Organic Switch Box. This clear device will do all the work for you, as the gimmick will be activated automatic..

Knotted Necklace by JT


Knotted Necklace is a 'knots off necklace' effect. Magician shows a necklace and makes 3 knots, then he takes the 3 knots off the necklace magically. The 3 knots become real! Then he puts the knots ba..

Di Fatta

Dizzy Dots by Per Eklund


Swedish Per Eklund is the brain behind this interesting and colorful twist on a classic in magic. First you fool the eye – then you fool the brain.You show a large jumbo card to the audience. The card..

Super Ball & Tube


The magician shows some elegant objects: a brass tube and a solid steel sphere. He places the sphere on the tube which inside is smaller than the diameter of the sphere. After a moment of suspense, th..

ADbox by Axel Vergnaud and Dylan Sausset


Discover the latest masterpiece from magicians Axel Vergnaud and Dylan Sausset: an incredible card to box effect, ingeniously redesigned for close-up magic. This clever version offers a collection of ..

Greek Fire by Axel Vergnaud


The complete lighter magic set by Axel VergnaudThis is a complete lighter magic set that will allow you to perform close-up miracles. You'll be ready to amaze with six extremely visual effects with a ..

Tumi Magic

Tumi Magic Presents TRAPPED by Erick White


Tumi Magic presents TRAPPED by Erick WhiteImagine being able to catch a signed card from the spectator in an item as commercial as a Tic Tac, it's incredible right? An element so well known in the wor..

Mickael Chatelain

Money-Money by Mickael Chatelain


FASTER BECOMES IMPOSSIBLE! With MONEY-MONEY, a playing card turns into a bank note! A transformation as fast as lightning, a transformation on sight, in full light, in front of your spectators! Effec..

Smagic Productions

MONEY MAKER 2.0 by Smagic Productions


We are pleased to present the new version of Money Maker - Incredible Money Conversion effects.It can change the pile of money inside many times with very beautiful effects.Looking at the bills inside..

Mini Color Changing Plumes


The magician shows a green feather duster and an empty tube. He inserts the duster into the tube and a moment later, magically, a multicolored duster will appear which the magician will place on the t..

Tic Tac Change by Mago G


A packet of orange tic tacs is shown, passing your hand over it, it changes, turning into a packet of mint tic tacs!A super visual effect that will leave spectators speechless!..

Zeige 1 bis 12 von 921 (77 Seite(n))