Transformations and penetrations

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Magic Dream

Switch Cup Ash Edition (Gimmicks and Online Instru...


"They will teach you how to use Switch Cup in a hundreds of ways in an amazing video of two hours and 45 minutes! This tool is a very good product. Quality is great and I liked the fact Magic Dream ma..

Meir Yedid Magic

Escapist Coin (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) b...


You get two strong coin routines for casual situations, that are very easy to learn, and are examinable at the end.Show two coins and a broken rubber band. The coins are an American penny and a dime t..

Di Fatta

Melting Ball Illusion


Performer displays a small wooden tube, a smallwooden sword and a steel ball. The tube has a slit in the middle for the sword to pass through separating the tube in two. The sword is passed through th..

Martin Schwartz

Dr. Schwartz's Pencil-Tration (Gimmicks and Online...


From the inventive mind of Dr. Marty Schwartz comes an incredible penetration effect - PENCIL-TRATION. The effect is straightforward. A spectator freely selects a card and you place it back into the d..

CANCEL (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Husni


CANCEL is a comedy magic using a sharpie, the audience cannot open a Sharpie marker and only magicians can open it.I make sure it can't open even though the audience is using full power.It is very pra..

Tora Magic

Cube Clony with 7 Cubes by Tora Magic


The video is worth a thousand words! Make seven cubes appear from a frame shown empty and... amaze everyone.The design and speed of use of this item are such that you will work with it easily and get ..

Di Fatta

Small to Big


The magician shows a sponge ball and in an instant make it become much bigger!• The sponge is super soft.• The small sponge ball has a diameter of about cm 4 (1,57") . When it becomes big the diameter..

J.C Magic

Knife Thru Deck by J.C Magic - Blue


A deck of cards is shown and placed back into the card box. The magician takes a knife and stabs it through the deck and the box - the blade can be seen protruding through the box. The knife is then r..

Refilled (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) Henry ...

Verfügbar ab 10. Oktober

Henry Harrius is finally revealing one of his secret weapons from his commercial show: REFILLED.You first introduce an empty glass bottle (corona), a paper bag and an opener as a "magic wand". After s..

Fox's Handcuffs (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)...


Fox's Handcuffs - Two elastic bands, stretched between your index finger and thumb, impossibly melt through each other.The Fox's Handcuffs, even in extreme close-up, the onlooker will see those elasti..

Wand Xchange by Maurizio Visconti


A tool that will allow you to exchange, quickly and invisibly, playing cards, billets, bills, in full view of the spectators. Easy to doInstant resetYour imagination is the limit! Get Wand Xchange now..

Lee Alex - Tamer Kurter



LEE ALEX PRESENTS... "DOUBLE DEVIL" - NOT ONE BUT TWO POCKETS!NEUTRAL HEXAGONAL DESIGN IN GRAYSCALE Following feedback from customers who enjoyed the feature of TWO pockets in our "Christmas Bandana 2..

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