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Di Fatta

Flowers From Empty Bag by Vincenzo Di Fatta


The magician shows his audience an empty paper bag and invites a spectator to put his hand inside to confirm that there is nothing in it. Immediately, the magician puts his hand in the bag, and makes ..

Flick! Whiteboard by Tejinaya & Lumos Magic


Created by Yuji Enei & Syouma, produced by Tejinaya & Lumos Flick! That's all. It is a whiteboard version of the popular flick series Draw letters and illustrations on the whiteboard, flick th..

Tora Magic

THE NECKLACE by Tora Magic

Verfügbar ab 20. Januar

Produced and designed by Tora Magic CompanyDisplay an ordinary necklace to an audience, the audience can cut the necklace from anywhere that she/he desires, put it in the container afterwards, mysteri..

Sword Thru Head


Show a wooden chest with sliding doors in the front and back. Put the chest around blindfolded spectator’s head and remove both the doors so that all can clearly see spectator’s head inside the box an..

Di Fatta

Ever Filling Glass

Verfügbar ab 20. Januar

The performer shows a transparent glass filled with a drink. He drinks some, until the glass is almost empty. Then, he puts the glass behind his back, or under his jacket for a moment, and when he bri..

Di Fatta

Twin block penetro


The performer displays a tube, a small iron bar, two blocks and a lid. He inserts the bar into one of the two blocks and places it in the tube. Then, he places the other block on top of the one impris..

Growing Sponge Ball


The magician suddenly changes a small sponge ball into a very large ball that can be handed out for examination. A great climax for any sponge ball routine• Together with the regular 80mm sponge ..

Tora Magic

Cube Clony with 7 Cubes by Tora Magic


The video is worth a thousand words! Make seven cubes appear from a frame shown empty and... amaze everyone.The design and speed of use of this item are such that you will work with it easily and get ..

Juan Pablo Ibañez

Super Visual Silk To Rose by Juan Pablo


SUPER VISUAL SILK TO ROSE is the fastest, easiest and most visual way to transform a silk into a rose!The effect is that a piece of silk magically and visually becomes a rose.The product proposes thre..

Refilled (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) Henry ...


Henry Harrius is finally revealing one of his secret weapons from his commercial show: REFILLED.You first introduce an empty glass bottle (corona), a paper bag and an opener as a "magic wand". After s..

Sorcier Magic

GALAXY GLASS by Sorcier Magic


A goblet glass is shown to the audience. It contains colored liquid. All you need to do is touch it with a scarf to transform the liquid inside into another color. It uses no chemicals or other compou..

Wand Xchange by Maurizio Visconti


A tool that will allow you to exchange, quickly and invisibly, playing cards, billets, bills, in full view of the spectators. Easy to doInstant resetYour imagination is the limit! Get Wand Xchange now..

Zeige 1 bis 12 von 407 (34 Seite(n))