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HOMEBOUND (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Pe...


Key to necklace.Many of you will remember Peter's wonderful effect: "Exit" that was released many years ago. It was an instant hit because its original plot combined with a clever gimmick and beautifu..

The Rabbit In the Hat by Creativity Lab


Do you know when people ask you if, besides magic, you're also capable of performing love? Show the spectator a thimble shaped as a bunny. Now, put the bunny into your fist and, using the mini magic w..


Pop Vanish 2 RED (Gimmicks and Online Instruction)...


"Pop Vanish V2" by Sultan Orazaly uses a clever gimmick to make this powerful illusion possible. You can show the card from both sides before and after disappearing!Handmade to perfection by master gi..

Key Project


Do you like Every day Carry (EDC) magic? Then Key Project is made for you! This is an original kit of keys to do a card reveal. You will always have it on you.You show two regular keys on a keyring, a..

Victor Voitko

NanoNail Extreme Set by Viktor Voitko


An extreme trick that will surprise and shock your spectators. One gimmick and many different effects and endings. Each gimmick is handmade.The flexible nail looks like a real one even from a very clo..

Rattle Box - Teak


A coin or a ring is placed inside a small wooden box. The box is closed with the sliding lid. The box is then shook. A rattle sound is heard which confirms the existence of the article. Instantly the ..

Multiplayer Handkerchief (Red) by PlayTime Magic D...


IncludesA secretly prepared fabric handkerchiefLink with instructionsA multipurpose handkerchief for productions, changes and vanishes of small objects.The handkerchief is designed with an secretly co..

Yigal Mesika

Mesika Ring Flight by Yigal Mesika


From the creator of Spider Pen X, Tarantula, and Loops Legends comes the all-new Mesika Ring Flight. Here is what the F.I.S.M. Championship Magician's say:"The beauty of Mesika's Ring Flight is found..

M&B Tube US (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)...


"M&B Tube US" by Mark Bennett - a captivating magic trick that will leave your audience amazed and astounded! With "M&B Tube US", you'll have the power to make any small object, from a ladies ..

Bacon Magic

Cupcake 2.0 (Metal) by Milo & Bacon Magic


Features:Crafted from solid metal for enhanced durabilityFeatures an elegant black matte finishCompact size, suitable for various performance settingsIdeal for executing captivating coin and ball rout..

Vestige by Rizki Nanda x Handy Altan


Vestige by Riski Nanda x Handy AltanA beautiful effect of the maestro Harry Houdini.A set of polaroid photos are shown and there's one photo with a blank poster in it.Spectators choose a card and on t..

Mr. Magic

Key to My Chest by Mr. Magic

Verfügbar ab 30. Mai

Introducing the mystifying Key to My Chest.Are you ready to witness a mind-boggling magic trick that will leave your audience in awe? Imagine borrowing a finger ring from a spectator and then making i..

Zeige 1 bis 12 von 741 (62 Seite(n))