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Joel Dickinson

Picture Consequences (Gimmicks and Online Instruct...


Picture Consequences is fun, colorful and engaging.Finally, a routine that is perfect for all age groups and guarantees to leave everybody baffled.Under the guise of a game, your participant (or parti..


Mind reading slate by UDAY


A must possess item for mind-readers. A slate is shown to be blank on both sides and kept in an empty envelope. A card is chosen by the spectator from a full deck. When the slate is removed from the e..

Hanson Chien Prodution Company - HCPC

LUMOS by Nemo & Hanson Chien


A TWINKLE FLASH IN BETWEEN YOUR TEETH!A FLASH DEVICE THAT CAN BE PUT IN YOUR MOUTH.Hanson Chien Production Company proudly presents. Nemo is here again to shed some light on us with LUMOS. An instant ..

Tora Magic

WORLD CUP GAME by Tora Magic


Produced and designed by Tora Magic CompanyAs you know, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and Tora Magic has produced a product that will miraculously impress soccer and magic love..

Joao Miranda

P.O.V. PAD by João Miranda and Julio Montoro


WHAT IT IS P.O.V. is a cleverly gimmicked sticky pad that allow the performer to instantly peek at any drawing, number or word. The secret is as good as the effects itself.WHY WE LOVE ITWith most peek..

Kaifu's Chip By Black Hat Magic & Magic Action

Erhältlich ab 10 April

A magician shows six chips with different colors print on their faces, and another one special chip with a question mark printed on its back. Magician tells the audience that this special chip is a pr..

Sergey Koller

ALIVE by Hide & Sergey Koller


Animation - one of the strongest thing in magic! What Alive is? 1. A spectator thinks of a random word 2. You show your prediction (a few lines in a random order) to the spectator and tell him th..

PITATA UTP-Time Hacker


The PITATA UTP-Time Hacker is a dream device. You can use it to predict any time that the audience will say at will.What really matters is - The clock can be given to the audience as a souvenir at the..

PITATA Smart WhiteBoard


At the initial stages of the design phase, we wanted to make these features happen:- We wanted to make a marker version that is practical and professional. And this is rarely seen on the market.- We w..

LUCKY STRINGS 2023 by Tenyo Magic

Tenyo Magic

LUCKY STRINGS 2023 by Tenyo Magic



Can you manipulate destiny?!LUCKY STRINGSA baffling game they simply can't win!Five strings extend from an envelope, but only one string is attached to the winning bell at the bottom. Allow your spect..

Wolfgang's Library Prediction


If this trick reminds you of a classic, you are right, but it has been updated to add a fun twist to it making it into a new routine that gives it more stage time. It can now be done for a greater aud..


Remote Controlled Fart Machine 2


Remote Controlled Fart Machine No.2 is the successor to the original, highly-successful fart machine. This replacement has 15 louder sounds and now works up to 100 feet!The new boom box feature adds m..

Zeige 1 bis 12 von 566 (48 Seite(n))