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Escape Change Illusion


Your assistant climbs into a cloth bag, which is tightly closed by a spectator. To do this, the spectator forms as many knots as he wants with a rope, so he can really tighten the bag. Now a large clo..

Federal Escape Mail Bag by Ronjo Magic


Federal Escape packs small and plays big. A 7-foot-tall canvas mail bag, 2 padlocks and a solid steel bar are all examined. The spectators are given the keys. You enter the bag, and the bar is woven t..


Houdini Handcuffs - New Style - With padlocks


The magician frees himself from the handcuffs despite these being closed with normal padlocks. Here is the new model of the handcuffs made famous by the famous Houdini: the simplest and fastest way to..



Published to coincide with his 62nd birthday with his 40 year research recorded for future escapologists. This is a "limited edition" book written by David De-Val in which he discusses his methods for..



From David De-Val, Houdini's very own Secret Device is now available! This piece of apparatus enables you to make a very quick escape from any regulation real police handcuffs. This nearly made gimmic..

GIMMICK X by David De Val


David De-Val's Gimmick X... produced as a limited edition for the year 2000!What is it? It's a secret, precision tool. It will open most handcuffs, leg irons, even thumb cuffs and new awkward to open ..


Houdini's Handcuffs


The magician frees himself from locked handcuffs! These handcuffs popularized by the great Houdini are without doubt the simplest and fastest way to free your wrists.   • Well-crafted chrome. ..

Amazo magic

Loporcaro Handcuffs by Amazo Magic


A fabulous Handcuff Escape, and these look great! Ask a spectator to lock your wrists in these handcuffs. They are made of stainless steel and, to the spectator's eyes, escape is surely impossib..

Houdini Chains

Verfügbar ab 20. August

The magician asks a spectator to inspect a chain and then locks up his wrists to prove that it is impossible to get free. Next the spectator locks up the magicians wrists with the chain and with a pad..

Mr. Magic

Chain Escape (with Stock & 2 Locks) by Mr. Mag...


Imagine having a member from the audience chain you up; and within seconds you are able to escape! This is one of the easiest, fastest and most impressive of Handcuff releases ever to be released. It ..

Escape Shackles - Silver


Escape Shackles - Silver



A volunteer is chosen and handed a steel shackle with four chains attached to it. After close examination the performer is secured into the device by the afore mentioned volunteer. He does this utiliz..

Die Zwangsjacke

Di Fatta

Die Zwangsjacke



Wer kennt nicht die spektakuläre Flüchte von dem berühmten Harry Houdini? Endlich können sie die Taten von dem berühmten Zauberer wiederhohlen, der Spezialist in Entfesselung. Das Hemd ist so gemacht ..

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