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Invisible Date - by Mathew Knight


All the power of an Invisible Deck with a personal connection with your audience!Have a deck of cards in full view that contains two very special Jokers. They are not only special because of being fac..

Di Fatta

Cups and Balls - Wood


Three balls inexplicably pass through the bottom of the cups, then disappear and reappear under the cups, finally transforming themselves. As you already know, there are many variations and achievable..

Genesis 4 Eisenhower by Johnny Wong


Johnny Wong's Genesis 4 is the latest in coin magic of 2019 and also includes an enhanced version of Perfect Power 3.It has many flexible applications and is the most up-to-date, delicate version of 4..

Tora Magic

Royal Fire Book by Tora Magic


The magician shows a book and leafs through its pages. A moment later, magically, the book ignites! Finally, the magician closes the book and the flames disappear!A classic effect of great impact.• To..

Tora Magic

Royal Dove and Fire Book by Tora Magic


The magician opens a book and shows the pages to viewers by leafing through them. A moment later, suddenly, the book catches fire!Then, the magician closes the book, the fire disappears and a dove app..

Tango Magic

Balancing Coin (Half Dollar) by Tango Magic


While holding one coin between thumb and finger another coin is carefully balanced on it's edge. For even a more dramatic effect, the same coin can be turned while balanced! In this package you wil..

Deluxe Vanishing Coin in Rings by Kupper Magic


Deluxe Vanishing Coin in Rings by Kupper Magic



Magic trick prop - monster eats coin So simple that everyone can master Comes into two rings, one ring with black velvet cover, a velvet paper and a monster patterned card Ideal for playing f..

TOT Presents $TAMP by Joe Deng'


The Orange Tree Magic presents $TAMP in collaboration with Viking Magic Co./Collectors' Workshop.We have spent our entire lives as magicians searching for the perfect magic.As an example, It must be e..


Jumbo 500 Yen Coin (7cm)


The coin is 7 centimeters in diameter and made of aluminum alloy, a jumbo replia of Japan 500 Yen. You can end a coin trick by producing a jumbo coin as a surprise finale. Or pull a jumbo coin fr..

ALIAS by Colin McLeod


Colin’s best kept secret is finally yours: The Alias Wallet.The Alias wallet will allow you to read minds with incredible ease. It is one of the most clean and deceptive ways to obtain information sec..


Chinese Flipper Coin - Half Dollar Size 31mm


Chinese Flipper Coin - Half Dollar Size 31mmThe Flipper Coin is one of the most useful utility coins in modern coin magic. This cunning little coin can be used for a whole range of 'impossible' coin w..

Multifunction Dice Bomb


Multifunction Dice Bomb



Multifunction Dice BombEffect 1:A large black dice is placed in a transparent box. With a little shake it explodes into eight tiny colored dice which are passed out for examination.Effect 2:A black di..

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