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SPRING PUZZLE (Gimmicks and Instructions) by Appre...


Spring Puzzle starts by showing a solid spring and a ring. You hand the ring to someone, and they will soon notice that the ring has been locked onto the spring! It seems impossible to remove. They ha..

Cubeify by Paul Fowler and Kev G


"I love a surprise reveal, and I also love totally out of the box thinking. This is both of those elements, on steroids!" - MARC SPELMANN 'X' "Fantastic routine, amazing reveals, builds progressively..

Super Ball & Tube


The magician shows some elegant objects: a brass tube and a solid steel sphere. He places the sphere on the tube which inside is smaller than the diameter of the sphere. After a moment of suspense, th..


The Secret of T Puzzle by TCC


The Secret of 'T' Puzzle is an easy IQ puzzle for introducing and enticing your friends. For added fun, you can use your acting skills and tell your friends, "Oh my God, this puzzle is so difficult, y..


The Secret of H Puzzle by TCC


The Secret of 'H' is an IQ puzzle that is a bit trickier than The Secret of 'T'. You can introduce this 'H' puzzle to your friends after they have been taken in by the ease of the 'T' puzzle. Your fri..

MeiLong 4 layers Cube Stickerless


For whoever loves the classic Cube, here is a similar puzzle in a nice high-perfoming version! The cube measures mm 62 on each side...

MeiLong 2 layers Cube Stickerless


For whoever loves the classic Cube, here is a similar puzzle in a nice high-perfoming version!The cube measures mm 50 on each side...


BOX ONE by Theory11


An incredible adventure game filled with puzzles, riddles, secrets, and surprises. FOR YOU ALONEA game uniquely designed to challenge only ONE person - and it seems that person is you! And only you. C..


Chess Queen - Silver


Find the hidden coin!Each Chess piece hides a lucky coin inside and it's up to you to challenge your luck.A unique secret system, different for each Chess-piece-style, will need discovering.How does t..


Huzzle Cast Planet - Level 4 Puzzle


Disassemble and assemble puzzle.A ball with rugged projections and a ring around it. This is a maze puzzle that is solved by rolling the sphere.Designed by Japanese designer Masui Ohno...


Huzzle Cast Tube - Difficoltà livello 5


Disassemble and assemble puzzle.Try as many methods to solve the puzzle as you can think of. If you do not attempt these different solutions, you may not be able to reach the excitement of solving it…..

Cabin in the Woods ESCAPE Box


After a long trek through the forest, tired and exhausted, you arrive at a hut. This cabin seems like the ideal resting place but how do you get inside?Knocking on the door does not help because no on..

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