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David Penn

The Floating Cube


A Rubik's cube floats, dances in the air without any visible support. Can be performed on stage or even in open area with surrounded audience.A highly magical effect!..

David Penn

Mystery Solved Nest of Boxes by David Penn


Recommended and performed by top magicians. Mystery Solved is one of the most brilliant creations from David Penn. To build on that success, we worked with David and proudly presented The Mystery Solv..

Joker Magic

WizBox Deluxe by Joker Magic


With this elegant box, you can easily switch or vanish cards, silks, billets, etc. You can predict the slected card, written name, number, color, brand, city, etc. The perfect companion for mental rou..

Sucker Ball Box


The magician displays a box with two doors which he opens showing it empty inside. On one side inside, he puts a ball and closes the doors. He tilts the box to the left, saying that the ball has disap..

Tora Magic

Production Box - Folding


The magician opens a box and show that it is completely empty. He closes it, makes s a magical gesture, and then produces silks and other objects from inside it! A classic of magic, in a practica..

Di Fatta

Melting Ball Illusion


Performer displays a small wooden tube, a smallwooden sword and a steel ball. The tube has a slit in the middle for the sword to pass through separating the tube in two. The sword is passed through th..

Di Fatta

Twin block penetro


The performer displays a tube, a small iron bar, two blocks and a lid. He inserts the bar into one of the two blocks and places it in the tube. Then, he places the other block on top of the one impris..

BDM Hands Off - The Perfect Chest by Martin Pachec...


Good luck is always on your side, and in such a magical and clean way as you never imagined!BDM Hands Off is the new chest produced by Bazar de Magia, which surpasses all the other ones created so far..

Di Fatta

Choco Choco by Tora Magic


Choco Choco will allow you to make delicious chocolates appear or disappear in a blink! If you love chocolate or magic or both ... this is a must!• It is made with quality materials to make this ..

Tommy Wonder Classic Collection Flying Birdcage by...


Tommy Wonder is one of the most influential magicians in the 20th century. It's our honor to re-release the works of the legendary Tommy Wonder.We would like to pay tribute to the master! Tommy Wonder..

Mr. Magic

Split Cube Box


The effect of the Split Cube Box is similar to the effect of the Sucker Die Box with an additional feature. You display two boxes on a tray. Each box has a big round cut out in front with a sliding wi..

Twister Magic

MAGIC BOX BLACK Medium by George Iglesias and Twis...


A classic of magic brought to modern times by George Iglesias!Within the years the drawer box has become a classic of magic, a versatile apparatus that allows the magician to show an empty box and the..

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