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Alan Wong

HD Thumb-tip by Alan Wong

Verfügbar ab 20. Mai

From the creative mind of Alan Wong comes an all new HD Thumb-tip.Thumbtips aren't designed to be seen, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't look as close to your actual thumb as possible.Therefore, A..

Alan Wong

HD Thumb-tip SOFT by Alan Wong


Soft flexible version of the popular high definition thumb tip with realistic skin and finger nail details. Great function and good value for money. Comes with the most respectable and practical prote..



This new accessory will help you in a lot of situations, easily and safely solving many problems.This gimmick can hold up to 3 thumb tips vertically, both in your pocket and inside your jacket.You can..


Thumb Tip (Soft) Classic by Vernet


This is the classic one, the world famous Vernet Thumb Tip. THE BEST EVER MADE! AN EXACT COPY OF A HUMAN THUMB.The Vernet Thumb Tip Classic is one of the most utility items in magic that allows you to..

Di Fatta

Thumb Tip Plastic - Soft


A classic gimmick. Thousands of use s possibilities.• Material: soft plastic.• Length: 48 mm - 1,89 .• Diameter: 24 mm - 0,95 .• Capacity: large.• Note: if you prefer plastic thumbs, this is the best ..

Murphy's Magic

Sanada Gimmick


If you only need the Sanada gimmick, here it is! Mr. Toyosane Sanada has created a quality gimmick to produce, vanish or exchange any small item (sponge balls, coins, bills, etc.)...

Di Fatta

Thumb Tip Soft by Di Fatta - Soft vinyl - Small


A classic gimmick. Thousands of use's possibilities. • Material: Soft vinyl• Length: 38 mm - 1,50"• Diameter: 18 mm - 0,71"• Capacity: Small..

Thumb Tip Classic by Vernet


Thumb Tip Classic by Vernet



These thumb tips are realistically designed by Vernet for all your magical routines. You cannot go wrong with the classics. To learn the coolest, most powerful five to six effects with your thumb..


Magnetic Thumb Tip by Vernet


The Magnetic Thumb Tip is made with our famous Vernet Thumb Tip and the most powerful magnet you can find known as "rare earth" variety...

Premium Magic

Thumb Flasher by Premium Magic


Create a spark of fire from your seemingly empty hand with this device. Gimmicked thumb tip supplied only...

Thumb Thing Theatre Effects


Ever wish you could produce a mystical flash of fire by simply snapping your fingers? This incredible little device allows you to produce such a flash instantly, brightening any routine. The entire ap..

Royal Magic

Realistic Thumbtip Royal


Realistic Thumbtip Royal.....

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