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Tora Magic

Cube to Anything


Show a cube and a tray. Drop the cube on the tray: upon impact the cube visibly transforms into another object such as: a sponge ball, a crumpled up banknote, a crumpled sheet of paper with a message ..

Tora Magic

Fun Cube by Tora Magic


The magician shows an envelope from which he takes out a large red die. He places it on a base, surrounds it with a frame and covers everything with a lid. He then makes magical gestures towards the e..

Air Dice created by Gonçalo Gil and Gee Magic


Air Dice comes to revolutionize dice routines on stage or parlor conditions. A random selection of something using a die is like a little fun "game" that you can add to your show and keep the suspense..

Tora Magic

Super Cube by Tora Magic


The magician shows a red die and fits a frame on top of it. He covers all with a lid and as he removes the lid, magically, the die will have turned into eight little red dice!The audience won't believ..


Dicey Dots (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by DA...


Effect:Daryl's Legendary Dicey Dots is an easy to perform effect that is sure to bring great reactions from your audience! An ordinary die is shown to the audiance. Then, the spectator holds it tightl..




Sometime last year, during our gathering with fellow magicians, one comment keeps popping up: "Have you seen Hyde Ren's dice routine?"Although we haven't seen it before, we had a feeling that it would..

Sorcier Magic

2D Dice Prediction by Sorcier Magic


Show a black metal plaque with a white line drawn on it. 6 magnetic white discs are attached to it. Now ask a spectator to move from the first side to the second as many dots as he wishes. After you f..

Tora Magic

Dice Game by Tora Magic


The magician asks the spectator to choose one color among the six colored dice present.After the spectator has chosen, the drawer is opened and inside is the magician's prediction which, incredibly, c..

Problema (Original German Version) by Trick Supply


Truly a warehouse find. This is the original version from Germany by Magische Schatztruhe.A small box contains six dice. They are seen to be turned up with the numbers from 1 thru 6. The box is closed..

Tony Karpinski

Appearing Die by Tony Karpinski


The Karpinski Die Appearance is a utility device designed to be used in conjunction with the Karpinski Die Box. This prop allows the performer to cause the die to reappear in an impossible location (r..

Tony Karpinski

Die Box by Tony Karpinski


The Karpinski Die Box (Folding Die Version) allows for the teleportation of a jumbo sized die from an ornate box to any location you choose...

Traveling Dice WHITE by Sorcier Magic


With this pair of dice you will be able to create surprising effects. After showing and performing some gambling effects, put the two dice in one hand and after a gesture one of them will have materia..

Zeige 1 bis 12 von 84 (7 Seite(n))