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The ultimate magic trick that will leave both kids and adults astonished, all with just a regular deck of cards and your t-shirt! Super easy to do:No complicated maneuvers here! With simple steps, you..

Tora Magic

Magical Hats by Tora Magic


The Magic Hat is the most captivating magical object ever: it has a timeless appeal to the public and immediately identifies a magician!Looking for a way of magic to touch your customers heart and mak..

Di Fatta

Nest of Wallet


A borrowed coin or ring disappears from the magician's hand to appear inside a handkerchief enclosed in a set of three purses of decreasing size!• Perfect effect for close-up.• Three purses are suppli..

Instant Magician Dress


The magician invites a spectator to help him and claims that he will make him, instantly, a magician! The fundamental thing to be a good illusionist, and to be able to implement the appropriate skills..


Sponge Nose 1.75 inch (red) from Magic by Gosh - 1...


Red sponge clown noses in the 1.8-inch size.Makes a great giveaway for children's parties...

Manipulation Fan (yellow)


Manipulation Fan (yellow)



Fan Shoulong long 34.5cm, diameter 64cm launched  ..


Into Wallet by TCC


New yet familiar designTwo years ago, TCC PRESENTS released The Edge Wallet, a simple, yet powerful card-to-wallet that we believe to "usher in a new era of card-to-wallets".There was no longer a need..

The Ghost Light - Super Strong (pair)

Di Fatta

The Ghost Light - Super Strong (pair)



With this gimmick you will enchant the audience. Your fingers will magically play with luminous spheres that will dance around you, appearing and disappearing everywhere!It is an effect that conveys t..

Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards Image T-Shirt (Large)


Jerry's Nugget Playing Cards Image T-Shirt (Large)



Specially printed on high quality T-shirts, made of 100% cotton...

The Ghost Light - Color Changing - Super Strong (p...


Beautiful version that allows you to show 3 different colored lights at your fingertips: red, green and blue!With this gimmick you will enchant the audience. Your fingers will magically play with lumi..

CROWN by Blank


Here is a super casual and super cool quick change item. This baseball cap will truly change in a blink! Beautiful!The cap is meticulously made, a great quality item, and and you can actually wear it...

Alan Wong



Another original design by Alan Wong in addition to the Flash Sharpie and Flash Wands, the Extreme Flash Thumb Tip contains a high capacity lithium rechargeable battery with super bright LED unit whic..

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