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Wheel of the Year Ostara Playing Cards by Jocu

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    Ostara - The Wheel of the Year Playing Cards series.

    It may surprise you to know (or not, if you've been following The Wheel of the Year so far) that Easter has strong pagan origins, most notably being named after the Anglo-Saxon goddess Eostre.

    The eggs that we decorate today along with the image of the Easter bunny have strong pagan roots, with Saxon people rejoicing at the arrival of eggs, more plentiful game and fresh plants once more becoming available on the sun's return.

    Eostremonth was one of the most important dates on the calendar, and as we celebrate the sun's return here in the northern hemisphere we'll learn about the Celtic herbalist goddess Airmed, the guardian spirit Aibell and the Anglo-Saxon god Tiw, cognate of the famous Tyr from Norse mythology.

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