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The Secret of T Puzzle by TCC

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    • Hersteller TCC
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    The Secret of 'T' Puzzle is an easy IQ puzzle for introducing and enticing your friends. For added fun, you can use your acting skills and tell your friends, "Oh my God, this puzzle is so difficult, you wouldn't be able to figure it out!" Your friend will usually need around 3 minutes to solve the puzzle and will tell you "it's too easy". You can then introduce another puzzle, The Secret of 'H', make a bet with them, and get ready to win a cup of coffee! This method is easy to learn and is suitable for interacting with friends or even placing friendly wagers.

    Made of 100% solid Rosewood, it is also appealing to be displayed in your study, living room, work desk, etc.

    • Block thickness: 1.5cm
    • Overall product Size: 14cm × 14cm
    • Number of blocks: 4
    • Material: 100% solid Rosewood;
    • Easy IQ puzzle;
    • Suitable for interacting with your friends or even placing a friendly wager;
    • Appealing for displaying in your room.