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The Secret of H Puzzle by TCC

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    • Hersteller TCC
    • Produktcode: MRSCE2175
    • Treuepunkten: 6
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    The Secret of 'H' is an IQ puzzle that is a bit trickier than The Secret of 'T'. You can introduce this 'H' puzzle to your friends after they have been taken in by the ease of the 'T' puzzle. Your friends will be eager to try and believe that they can solve The Secret of 'H' Puzzle.

    It's a bit difficult, so you can make a bet with your friends: if they cannot solve it within 5 minutes, they will buy you a cup of coffee! If your friends cannot figure it out, you can reveal the answer and they will appreciate the ingenuity that has gone into this puzzle.

    Later, you can show them the more interesting and amazing puzzle: The Amazing Puzzle Ultra. The method of 'H' puzzle is easy to learn and is suitable for interacting with your friends or even placing a friendly wager.

    Made of 100% solid rosewood, it's also appealing to be displayed in your study, living room, work desk, etc.

    • Block thickness: 1.5cm
    • Overall product size: 14cm x 14cm
    • Number of blocks: 6
    • Material: 100% solid Rosewood
    • Slightly tricker IQ puzzle but still easy to learn
    • Suitable for interacting with your friends or even placing a friendly wager
    • Appealing for displaying in your room