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The 17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards

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    • Hersteller Stockholm17
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    The 17th Kingdom Avant Garde Playing Cards are a unique deck with an hourglass shape, setting them apart from the ordinary. These cards handle remarkably well, making them suitable for a variety of purposes. Your initial interaction with them is sure to evoke a sense of intrigue. Remarkably, their ergonomic design surpasses even that of conventional playing cards.

    The included 'foldbox' boasts two foils, embossing, an inner red coloring, and an ingeniously glue-less construction.

    • 56 poker-sized cards with an unconventional shape
    • Custom court cards and jokers
    • Unique design for the Ace of Spades
    • Matte red edge printing
    • Foldbox featuring dual foils, embossing, and inner red coloring
    • Individually wrapped in protective plastic
    • A one-of-a-kind creation
    Design: Stockholm17 Playing Cards, Sweden

    Foldbox: printed by Boschiero & Newton, Italy

    Cards: printed by WJPCC, China

    Photoshooting: Richard Arturo, Singapore