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Shelby Wallet (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gaz Lawrence and Mark Mason

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    I can honestly see this being one of the best magic effects of 2023. Crafted from the finest leather, this small credit card holder will allow you to peek ANY WORD, NUMBER, SYMBOL, PICTURE.

    The design is so UNIQUE, and the PRINCIPLE is so CLEVER you will blow your audience's minds.
    This is the FAIREST, EASIEST, CLEANEST METHOD I have seen.


    I am no mentalist, but I predict you will LOVE THE SHELBY WALLET.

    Here are a few quotes from magicians around the world.

    "Gaz has created an absolute no brainer, just buy it!!"
    Pete Turner

    "If James Bond had a peek wallet it would be The Shelby Wallet. Mark immediately placed the wallet in my hand and told me he just peeked the information. That was the moment I realized he got me. Simply nothing to see. The Shelby Wallet is slim, modern, and practical.This is something you use."
    Tim Trono

    "I have just finished exploring the new Mark Mason/Gaz Lawrence - Shelby Wallet. This is the cleanest and fastest full peek wallet I've ever seen. Brilliant design and practical. This is now everyday carry for me. Materials and craftsmanship are superb. Handling takes no practice. Absolutely brilliant!"
    Jonathan Todd, (Founder and producer of The Magical Mystery Show! and USA/UK artist manager for Shoot Ogawa.)

    "Thanks Gaz, just watched it, it looks absolutely brilliant!"
    Steve Faulkner

    "The best business card peek wallet I have ever seen....bar none!"
    Stephen Leathwaite

    "Simple, direct with an incredibly devious method"
    Steve Cook

    "I'm being totally honest this is going to be huge; you have a massive winner on your hands here. I have never seen anything like this before, quite simply brilliant"
    Ian Maltby

    "I love it, it's a must have, I can't wait for it's release"
    Stephen Young