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THE TIME MACHINE by Hugo Valenzuela

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    Originality and surprise are part of this magic trick.

    In this trick we play with the idea that the deck of cards is a set of images that can be remembered.

    One of the random images (the card chosen by the spectator) will be remembered and hidden in the past, inside our memories (deck of cards)

    Then the artist shows a time machine that, represented by the Delorean car, will slide through the cards looking for the memory hidden in time.

    The car stretches and contracts space time (fans of cards)

    This will separate the deck and stop at a single card.

    The time machine represented by a little car will open and close the doors to mark that it has found the chosen card.

    This effect could also be presented with a borrowed deck of cards!

    • Gimmicks
    • Video-tutorial.
    Created by Hugo Valenzuela