Genii Magazine June 2024 - Book

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Genii Magazine June 2024 - Book

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    VOLUME 87
    NUMBER 6
    June 2024


    Luis Olmedo: A Coin in the Fountain by Roberto Mansilla
    Ingenious "Party" Excerpted from Sketch Magazine


    Genii Speaks
    by Richard Kaufman
    The Eye by Vanessa Armstrong
    Exhumations"Recliner Mind Reader" by Jon Racherbaumer
    Conjuring"The All-Important Clue" by Jim Steinmeyer
    Material Concessions"License to Thrill" by David Regal
    Stage as Studio "The Pursuit of Passion" by Krystyn Lambert
    WWPD "Donut Hole" by Jonathan Friedman
    Dealing With It "Hofscotch" by John Bannon
    Magicana by Jamy Ian Swiss
    • "The Visible Deck" by Adam Elbaum
    • Intermission
    The Academy of Magical Arts in Genii
    • Knights at the Magic Castle by Shawn McMaster
    • Now Appearing at the Magic Castle

    Books Reviewed by Tom Frame
    • The Original Escapes of Arthur Coghlan by Arthur Coghlan
    • Session Notes by Tom Stone
    Tricks Reviewed by Tom Dobrowolski
    • "Super Quick Cube" by Bennie Chickering
    • "The Policy" by Scott Link
    • "The Moment" by Andy Nyman
    • "Super Sucker" by Rizki Nanda
    • "Surreal Killer" by John Bannon
    • "Position Impossible" by Brent Braun
    Videos Reviewed by Jonathan Levit
    • "Chop Shop" by John Bannon
    • Rune Klan Masterclass by Vanishing Inc.
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