April 2023

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Sticky ALIVE Notebook


Here is an unforgettable effect that you will be sure to add to your show.1 -  A spectator selects o a number.2 - You show your prediction to the spectator but it is wrong!3 - The spectator sees ..

Perfo by Alexis Touchard


If you want highly visual magic, here you have it!Two cards are selected by two different spectators. The magician then shows a prediction card that is is full of holes.Just a shake, and the holes vis..


Ditto by Ellusionist


Have you ever wanted to perform a color match or prediction routine but couldn't justify the $300 to $600 price tag? DITTO is a fully mechanical color predictor that leverages gravity for its ing..

Neovision iPhone AND Android (Gimmicks and Online...


"The 21st Century Center Tear"From the creator of Alien, Now!, Password, Boarding Pass and many others...A quick, organic, and to the point, this packs a punch for magicians and mentalists alike.Perfo..

Secret Tools & Strategies (For Mentalist and M...


Share the amazement exploring the many secrets and overlooked tools of mentalism. These are offered by an extraordinary showman and an award-winning creator of mentalism, Marc Salem, and Richard Mark..


Countdown Coins (Gimmicks and Online Instructions)...


Many years ago, Rocco came up with a coin gimmick that can be used to display four US quarters while instantly changing to three quarters, then two, and finally one quarter, it can also be shown in re..

Magic With Electronics by Julio Caso de los Cobos ...


If you have always wanted to perform magical effects using electronics and you never knew where to start, since you thought that this subject was very difficult and also you could not find any book wh..


Monkey Business Playing Cards (Sock Monkey)


The Monkey Business Playing Cards printed by the USPCC air cushion playing cards have arrived!You'll get 52 playing cards with re-designed Arrco faces plus two Jokers and a magical bonus playing card!..

Ben Harris

Bend It Like Geller by Ben Harris - Book


A captivating exploration of how the art of mentalism changed forever in November 1973 when a young Israeli man named Uri Geller seemingly bent a spoon with his mind on national television. Examining ..

Parlour Collectors 2.0 BLUE (Gimmicks and Online I...


Parlour Collector 2.0 created by JT is the ultimate version of the classic 'Collectors' plot.4 Aces are displayed on both sides and put inside a wine glass. 3 cards are chosen, vanish in the deck and ..

Fontaine: KOGAN Playing cards


Fontaine: KOGAN Playing Cards are drawn by Kirill Kogan (a Berlin based artist and illustrator) and designed by Zach Mueller.1 of 5000 decksOriginally from Moscow, Russia Kogan carries a very raw, ret..

Ultimate Card to Card Case BLUE (Gimmicks and Onli...


The Ultimate Card to Card Case created by JT is the ultimate version of the 'Card to Card Case' plot.Start with a sealed deck, the cards are in new deck order. After a card is chosen, the chosen card ..

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